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Group: EES-DO  


Andrew is the Group Leader for Computational Earth Science in the Earth and Enviromental Sciences Division at LANL. He manages R&D staff addressing problems and developing capabilities in subject areas including subsurface flow and contaminant transport, radioactive waste disposal concepts, subsurface CO2 sequestration, geologic characterization and mapping, geographic information systems, basin-scale surface hydrology and integration with energy development, energy utilization and development impacts, regional climate, wildfire, urban firestorms, hurricanes, space weather, and electromagnetic pulse transport.

Andrew currently (2010, 2011) serves as the LANL laboratory lead for the multilab DOE program for Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM).


Ph.D. August 1993
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Civil Engineering/Water Resources Engineering

M.S. December 1988
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Civil Engineering/Water Resources Engineering

B.S. May 1986
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Hydrology/School of Engineering

Selected Publications

Birdsell, K.H., A.V. Wolfsberg, T.A. Cherry, and K.M. Bower. Groundwater flow and radionuclide transport calculations for a performance assessment of a low-level waste site, Jnl. Cont. Hydr., 46(2000), 99-129, 2000. Campbell, K., A.V. Wolfsberg, J.E Fabryka-Martin, and D.S. Sweetkind. Chlorine-36 Data at Yucca Mountain: Statistical Tests of Conceptual Models for Unsaturated Zone Flow, Jnl. Cont. Hydr, v.62-3, p.43-61, 2003. Dai, Z., A. Wolfsberg, Z. Lu, and R. Ritzi. Representing aquifer architecture in macrodispersivity models with an analytical solution of the transition probability matrix, Geophysical Research Letters, v34, L20406, doi:10.1029/2007GL031608, October, 2007 Dai, Z., A. Wolfsberg, Z. Lu, and P.M Reimus, Upscaling matrix diffusion coefficients for heterogeneous fractured rocks, Geophysical Research Letters, v.34, no.7, Apr 16, 2007. Dai, Z., J. Samper, A. Wolfsberg, and D. Levitt, Identification of relative conductivity models for water flow and solute transport in unsaturated compacted bentonite, accepted by Physics and Chem. of the Earth, 33, pp. S177-S185, DOI: 10.1016/j.pce.2008.10.012, 2008. Dai, Z.X., A.V. Wolfsberg, Z. M. Lu, and H.L. Deng, Scale dependence of sorption coefficients for contaminant transport in saturated fractured rock, Geophys. Res. Letters, 36(L01403), DOI: 10.1029/2008GL036516 , Jan. 2009. Deng, H.L., Z.X. Dai, A.V. Wolfsberg, M. Ye, and P. Reimus, Upscaling of reactive mass transport in fractured rocks with multimodal reactive mineral facies, Water Resources Research, 46 (WO6501), DOI: 10.1029/2009WR008363, June, 2010. Glascoe, L. G., A. J. Olson, G. Lu, M. A. McGraw, P. C. Lichtner, and A. V. Wolfsberg. Radionuclide transport from an underground nuclear test in the presence of residual heat and colloids, Computational Methods in Water Resources, CMWR XIII, A.A. Balkema Publishers, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 357-364, 2000. Harp D. R., Z. Dai, A. V. Wolfsberg, J. A. Vrugt, B. A. Robinson, V. V. Vesselinov, Aquifer structure identification using stochastic inversion, Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L08404, doi:10.1029/2008GL033585, 2008 Kwicklis, E.A., A.V. Wolfsberg, P.H. Stauffer, M.A. Walvoord, and M.J. Sully, Multiphase, multicomponent parameter estimation for liquid and vapor fluxes in deep arid systems using hydrologic data and natural environmental tracers, Vadose Zone Journal, 5:934–950, 2006. Lu, G., C. Zheng, and A. Wolfsberg. Effect of uncertain hydraulic conductivity on the fate and transport of BTEX compounds at a field site, Jnl of Env. Eng., May, 2005 Robinson, B.A., A.V. Wolfsberg, H.V. Viswanathan, and P.W. Reimus. A colloid-facilitated transport model with variable colloid transport properties Geophysical Research Letters, v.34, no.9, May 16, 2007. Walvoord, M.A.; M.A. Plummer, F.M. Phillips, and A.V. Wolfsberg. Deep arid system hydrodynamics 1. Equilibrium states and response times in thick desert vadose zones, Water Resour. Res. 38 (12), 44-1 to 44-15, 2002. Wolfsberg, A.V., K. Campbell, and J.T. Fabryka-Martin. Use of chlorine-36 data to evaluate fracture flow and transport models at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, AGU, Geophysical Monograph: Dynamics of Fluids in Fractured Rocks, 349-362, 2000. Wolfsberg, A. V., and D. L. Freyberg, Efficient simulation of single species and multispecies transport in groundwater with local adaptive grid refinement, Water Resour. Res. 30 (11), 2979-2991, 1994.


computational geochemistry speciation
reactive transport
ecology stable isotope
plant water use
geochemistry stable isotopes
geology heat and mass transport
fault fabrics and fluid flow
ground water hydrology vapor phase transport
vapor phase flow
unsaturated flow modeling
unsaturated flow
subsurface flow and transport
saturated flow
regional aquifer modeling
reactive transport modeling
reactive transport
porous media flow
multiphase transport
multi-phase flow
groundwater model development
groundwater development
fracture flow
fluid-rock interaction
contaminant transport
conceptual model development
colloid transport
modeling and simulation upscaling and downscaling in simulation
uncertainty analysis
surface transport
subsurface transport
stocastic pde partial differential equations
porous flow
parameter estimation
model calibration
fehm finite element heat mass
computational fluid dynamics
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