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Earth Systems Observations - EES-14

EES-14 applies cutting-edge integrated experimental, modeling, and observational studies to complex problems involving subsurface flow and transport, geomaterials, atmospheric chemistry and radiation, geochemistry, ecology, surface processes, and geology.

EES-14 focuses on projects of national importance in the areas of environment, energy, and defense that integrate field observations, experimental or analytical laboratory investigations, and numerical modeling of earth processes. Key current efforts include studies of geologic and terrestrial carbon sequestration, the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project, environmental cleanup projects at the Nevada Test Site and at LANL using unique capabilities to provide a decision context for stakeholders.

EES-14 also has smaller-scale projects focused on efforts such as assembly of protocells, aerosols, Martian mineralogy, and colloid characterization. (See sidebars for more details.)

EES-14 Teams

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