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ERUPT is a graphical program that simulates various volcanic eruption types, including Strombolian, Plinian, Vulcanian pyroclastic flows and surges, Hawaiian fluid lava flows, fumarolic activity, and Peléean viscous lava dome emplacement. Tectonic (faulting), caldera and sector collapse, and erosional events are also simulated. While version 2.4 of Erupt is still available for free downloads, Erupt3 is now freely available from RockWare. In addition to a greater variety of eruption types, virtual 3-D with topographic and geological maps, and a greatly enhanced user interface, Erupt3 offers the user a built-in updater with web-access and features that make it a much more robust teaching and research tool. Please see the Erupt3 New Features page for more information.

The following image is a reproduction of the screen during simulation. Note each eruption type deposits a layer of lava or tephra that is color-keyed. To download a demo movie (for Windows Media Player) of Erupt in action, just click the picture below (Erupt.avi: 4.4 MB)

Erupt annimation

Here is a screen shot of a Plinian eruption simulation during the latter stages of caldera evolution similar to Crater Lake, Oregon.

Erupt Plinian simulation



Click the following link to get the newest version!

For downloading the New Version 3 (Erupt3; Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems please see the Erupt Update page.


Old Multimedia versions 2.4/2.5 (Copyright © 1998 UC):

Both 16-bit and 32-bit versions (LA-CC 99-26) are listed below are no longer supported. Please contact if you would like to obtain an old version.

For DOS users, DOS-ERUPT.ZIP) requires unzipping, 62 kb, 9/10/96.

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