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 Ken Wohletz

Current Version: 1.20.0387 (26 November 2013)


KWare PhotoPrint is designed for viewing image (photographic, art, etc.) files of a number of different formats (jpeg, bitmap, tiff, metafile, etc.) and formatting them on a printout page template. Unlike most other photo printing software, PhotoPrint does not force the user to select a predesigned layout template, but rather allows the user to place, size, and orient photos on a page as desired. What you see is exactly how the page will print with no loss in original resolution of the image. Printing using expensive photographic paper judiciously is a main objective of PhotoPrint.

The illustration below shows PhotoPrint in action with a browse panel on the left side for opening folders containing photo files, a thumbnail panel of photos from the open folder and a layout preview on the right. To add a photo to the layout preview, the user simply selects a thumbnail and drags it to the layout preview (or simply just clicks the preview in the location where the photo is desired to be placed). Once on the preview, the photo may be selected (as is the lower right photo in the illustration below), so that it can be moved around the page, cropped, or sized. All images can be viewed in large size simply by double-clicking them.

Besides printing individual images or groups of images, PhotoPrint allows automatically prepares thumbnail layouts of all images in a selected folder, as shown in the illustration below:

In the illustration below, several of the options are shown for thumbnails (left) and layout preview image (right) are shown. These are accessed either by the toolbar or by right-clicking the object. Thumbnails can be rotated and edited (using your systems default image editor) as well as copied, moved, deleted, and renamed. These actions affect the original file. On the right, images on the layout preview also have a number of options, including a number of image-enhancing effects (the color-adjust window is shown below). Unlike the thumbnail options, these layout preview options do not affect the original file, but only apply to the current rendering for printing.

PhotoPrint has a number of options as shown in the options window below. All layouts can be saved so that they can be re-opened for future printing. For any given folder selected that has image files, say a folder containing photos from a recent field trip, a slide show display can be tailored and run by simply clicking its icon on the toolbar. PhotoPrint can not only obtain photos from image files on your hard drive, but it has a built in scanner interface for using a scanner to add and save photos. It also can download files from removable media such as smart media or compact flash cards. Not yet completed are built-in interfaces for common digital cameras.

Finally, PhotoPrint recognizes that working with electronic images is very demanding on system resources, especially physical memory. The system options allow the user to tailor preview resolution to the amount of memory their system may have (note: PhotoPrint always shows how much memory is available in its status bar); the resolution chosen does not affect the printing resolution, which is as high as the original image and printer allows.


Program Note: Updated printer interface allows customized printer settings without changing system default printer.


KWare PhotoPrint software (LA-CC 01-64; Copyright 2001 UC) is available as self-installing files for downloading for 32-Bit Windows operating systems:

Download for Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista: PhotoPrint_Install, (version 1.20.0387, ~5.9 MB, 26 November 2013).

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